Cece Glaze - Tigers Eye

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Filter Noir Glaze: A touch of intense Glaze will add some drama to your project.

Use easy-to-use finishing tips on painted surfaces to create depth and shadows

Glaze creates shadows and enhances the detail of Décor Moulds®, ornaments, frames, mirrors, carvings and decorations on almost any project. Finish glazing adds interest and depth to flat surfaces or surfaces with less detail!

Use: Start with a clean surface. Make sure that all previous treatments such as paint, staining, stamps, transfers, etc. have had time to dry properly.

Finishing glaze works best on non-porous surfaces and surfaces. Work in small sections at a time, brush the surface with the felt using a brush or a lint-free cloth.

Be extra careful to get the Glaze on all the details or all the decorations by dabbing the brush to get into the nooks and crannies. Wipe the excess glaze off the surfaces with a clean, dry, lint-free old cotton T-shirt, allowing the glaze to adhere to the surface details and crevices. Be careful not to let the glaze dry out, mist water during the process. If it dries too quickly or the color is too strong, use a damp cloth or baby wipe to remove the excess wax. By CeCe ReStyled® Redesign with Prima®.


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