The story of Scandic Craft

Scandic Craft is a Finnish online store for everyone whose heart beats for crafts, for painting and all kinds of DIY projects.

Making things with my hands is my passion and serves as a means of recovery and a counterweight to hectic work. As the late Taatani said when he went to his wood workshop: "I'm going to my mental health office" 🥰. I learned a lot from him.

I discovered the world of furniture tuning when we lived in California. I attended courses, tried different paints, materials and techniques. I sought to learn from the best teachers and participated in the ReDesign with Prima workshops, where I got to know Annie Sloan, the 'Queen of Lime Paints', Karen and Erin, the founding members of the Wise Owl Paint paint line, and Kacha, the 'model of all golden ages'.

My heart skipped a beat. I found my tribe ❤️.

When we returned to Finland, I couldn't find the products I wanted. That's how Scandic Craft was born - out of a passion for refurbishing old furniture, tuning, small renovations and a desire to promote recycling and hand-made things.

To you, my soulmate.

🎨 Katie Mill

Temecula, CA 2023