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Transfer images - user manual

How to use ReDesign with Prima transfer images :

1. Transfer images are either in a tube or in a plastic film package. The tube comes with a wooden fixing spatula.

2. Opening:

  • TUBE: Carefully open the tube from the end and take out the rolled-up transfer image. The roll contains 2-3 sheets. Carefully open the roll on the table.
  • PLASTIC FILM PACKAGING: Small transfers are on the sheets. Take out the transfer image sheet and cut out the desired parts from the sheet.
Transfer image in a tube
The back of the tube shows how many strips the pattern is divided into
Take the film roll from the tube and cut the tape. Open carefully so that the backing papers do not come off.

3. Open the roller. Make sure that the background paper sticks to the transparent transfer film. Use, for example, painter's tape.

    4. The transfer image is extremely sensitive to sticking, so be careful not to touch the mounting surface (the white surface behind the image).

    Straighten the strips and place under the weight or attach the background paper with masking tape.
    Straighten the strips. Place under the weight and put a couple of pieces of masking tape to hold the background paper.
    Use tape to make sure that the backing paper is attached to the strips you won't use right away.

    Cut out the pattern you want from the transfer image strip.

    5. Measure and compose the pattern on the surface you want. You can also cut the appropriate parts out of the transfer image sheet.

    6. Remove the background paper of the transfer image and place the transfer image with an adhesive surface on a clean, dust-free surface in the desired location.

    Compose in place.Place the adhesive tape downwards in the desired position and scratch the pattern on top of the film with a wooden stick or fixing tool.The transfer image also adheres to an uneven surface. Use the narrower edge to scrape.Remove the backing paper. Be careful not to touch the adhesive surface of the background.

    7. Rub the image with a wooden or plastic spatula so that the image sticks to the surface below.

    8. Fade the edges of the transfer image by gently rubbing with your finger or a transfer image pad.

    9. L use wax, varnish or furniture sealer to protect the surface.

    Once the pattern is attached, gently pull the film off near the surface. If it appears that some part is not attached. Scrape off the film more and try again.
    It was ready in a few minutes.

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